Search Methodology

What we stand for as a search firm is reflected daily in our search methodology. Each of our clients have their own value propositions, success formulas; and values and vision. So why uses a standardized method for our clients?

For us, every assignment to us is a new assignment; and every client to us is a unique client. Every time whether it’s new or existing clients give us a call, we are proud of our 360 personalization approach for them.

Each of our clients will be first assigned with an account manager who would be your sole contact point. With over 30 years of experience in the field, we know that it’s crucial to have a full evaluation of the situation before we approach any candidates. Your reason for hiring, where and what your needs are, how and what you expect the next employee to add value to your organization will be thoroughly understood by our account manager.

After the first stage of situation and needs analysis, we would start mapping out target companies and candidates. Most of the recruitment firms would rely on their database and advertising, at Conners we often conduct regional and even global extensive search, networking with the brightest in different events, building new relationships every day so that we can recommend the most suitable candidates to you.

To find out more on our search methodology, please give us a call at 3996-8090 or email us at for more details.