Our consultants know what it is like to have a career move. We know the impact that one move can bring. Although we work for clients, we abide by highest ethics that we must not lose the sense of human touch when we present our candidates to our clients.

No matter whether you are an active or passive job seeker, our consultants who have years of experience under their belts always know how to take you to the next level of your professional life. For some candidates an opportunity from us can be the stepping stone for you to become the next senior executive in management or even board level; while for some it can be a ground breaking moment between stagnant financial and personal growth and a jump closer to your dream.

For senior candidates, we would proactively speak to our clients creating opportunities for you. From initial conversation, CV writing recommendation, interview preparation and debrief, gathering interview feedback, salary negotiation to issuing of paperwork, we are here with you on every step of the process to ensure you have a hassle-free career moving experience.

All applications are held in the strictest confidence so you can be assured your personal details will never be discussed or forwarded to a company without your permission.

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